Low tech, low budget, hopeful new scape

Discussion in 'Journals' started by jayp, 20 Nov 2017.

  1. jayp

    jayp Member

    20 Mar 2010
    Hello everyone,

    I've just sort of finished my second scape , I did loads of things wrong with first one but enjoyed it so much.

    Kept it going since last posted on here , then all the fish snuffed it so decided to get a new tank but use all the old equipment as am mega skint and the old wood and moss etc

    New tank 60x45x30
    Two LED clip -on Interpet Nano
    100w heater
    Small corner filter Eheim something or other

    Water rain water
    25% water changes every 4 days at present

    Used dragonstone in this one rather than cobbles and gravel

    Anubis Nana
    Microsorum Trident and Narrow Leaf (Poss)
    Monoselenium dwarf type
    Juncans repens

    4 Helmet snails

    Sorry about spelling !

    Its still cycling slowly as no fish yet but did use old filter and old dirt from previous tank to start it off a bit quicker

    Ive asked a question in water chemistry section but though I might get some feedback on any changes you would consider before I get the fish
    Thanks for looking
    Jan tank 1.JPG tank2.JPG
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  2. jayp

    jayp Member

    20 Mar 2010
    Thanks for the "likes" worried it might be blahblahblahblah LOL

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