Lysimachia Nummularia as a surface/floating plant


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22 Jun 2019
So I've set up a new nano with new filter and substrate, I wanted to use lots of floating plants to help with the tank cycling and help deal with excess nutrients. However, I realised I wouldn't have enough so I have tried to use the emerged form of Lysimachia Nummularia as a surface plant, it's anchored at the root end to the side of the tank so that the leaves face up.
I'ts doing rather well, at least since I put it in the tank it hasn't died (3days) and it has grown a lot of new stems which are breaking the surface.
My question is does anyone know if this is likely to succeed and will it remain in its terrestrial form, change to aquatic or be something in-between? I am expecting it to start melting after about 5 to 7 days, but fingers crossed.
Does access to atmospheric co2 benefit the whole plant or just the bit in air? I googled this topic but the answers were all scientific papers which I didn't understand.



19 Jun 2012
You can grow Lysimachia this way - it is really a quite undemanding plant. Totally submerse (in "low tech" conditions) , it tends to grow a bit leggy. Letting it grow partially emerse, will undoubtly help. Some of the leaves submerse may slowly die off, but often they just carry on for very long. With a bit of luck, you may have nice, starlike, bright yellow flowers coming out at the base of each leaf.
It is often used around garden ponds, where it will usually spread into the water - growing exactly like you do........
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