Magical Hairgrass


25 Feb 2017
A few months ago I planted Eleocharis Acicularis from a couple of Tropica 1-2 Grow pots and it really has grown well. So much so that it was starting to appear in places I didn't really want it to be. Feeling brave, out came the trusty tweezers and to my amazement as I pulled out the first few blades of grass, quite a few others quickly followed.

Not knowing how the hairgrass grew, I wasn't expecting the underground runners that spread so far. With my newly gained knowledge of how hairgrass grew, I tugged on a few more blades of grass and snipped through the roots so I could leave the portions in that I wanted. I couldn't believe how far underground the runners went. Pleased to see it growing so well though, especially where the lighting passes through the gaps in the Frogbit.

Thanks to everyone on here for all the advice and recommendations they've made and passed on.
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