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15 Aug 2017
Hi Guys.
Just putting it out there has anyone converted a freshwater to a marine tank?!!
I know this involves numerous bespoke upgrades/changes...

I’m just trying to start a conversion, gain some past experience?
I’m on holiday at the moment, and have just been diving out at the reefs.. seem to have the bug....



19 Feb 2018
I kept marine's for almost 10 years culminating in a 1000 litre mainly SPS system with inline frag setup (coral propagation if you're not familiar with the term frag). What is it you want to know?

Marine tanks are spectacular but they require a lot of work and money if you're going to so it properly. Main challenges are;

-You must use RO water and then pre mix and pre heat water change water
-You're gambling with your aquarium livestock (fish) if you don't have a quarantine system (marine fish can carry and introduce whitespot or worse marine velvet, the treatments of which harm corals, so once the disease is in your tank you have a problem
-The aquarium needs to be a stable temp (corals haven't really evolved to take temp swings) but usually the issue is actually keeping the tank from getting too hot in the summer as the amount of kit produces excess heat (I ran a chiller on my system to combat this)
-Testing - you need to do a lot
-Bigger the tank the better. This allows for more stable water parameters

I'll leave it there for now but don't take the leap lightly. And don't do it on the cheap. You really want an aquarium with a sump system, anything else and it's not as easy. Some will disagree in parts with some of my points but in the main they are correct. I do miss my reef tank but it was a ball and chain in terms of ongoing care and maintenance and it cost alot to run.... circa £300 per month (and that's before buying new stock). It was big system though

A good forum if you want to start investigating more is Ultimate Reef

Where are you diving by the way? I'm a diver myself. Me getting into marine's led me to want to do that and I've done a fair bit since (Uk, Egypt, Maldives, Thailand)


11 Oct 2009
Well I found that going on holiday was almost impossible when I ran a big reef tank!

For many years I kept a cold water marine tank that was my pride and joy, it looked amazing and was in many ways easier and cheaper to run than a tropical tank.
However... I live right by the sea so water changes were free and the inter tidal creatures I kept were extremely hardy and also free.
The down side was condensation and and a noisy chiller but, that was 25 years back and I believe I could do it again using double glazing and a better chiller.
I am surprised that more U.K. folk don’t take advantage of our own marine environment .