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Mark Evans-120 x 55 x 55cm.... 'Convalescence' The joy of shrimp

The sword plant is absolutely stunning, deep beat red. Your skill with the camera is something I hope to learn through osmosis via my computer screen.
Thanks guys.

I like to add species such as Eleocharis tightly against the glass. Usually on the side. This gives me a 'guide' as to how quick plants are growing. It does not apply for every plant, but gives me an idea.

Eleacharis sp. new is growing approx. 1cm per day vertically. The newer Eleocharis is not so rampant when it comes to horizontal growth, so it's good at keeping itself to confined areas, or rather it means less intervention from us in terms of maintenance.

I'm going about my usual 50% W/C per day (last 2 days) and carrying out a quick vac around Cladophora and the foreground gravel.
As I've mentioned, I've put a dozen silvertip tetras in the tank. I've had them before, and they've always been relatively peaceful. However, with this bunch, 2 of the males seem to be fighting all of the time.

They've coloured up really nicely, so I guess there claiming there status? when a female comes close, it's shunted away. The 2 other males (4 in all) stay well away.

This went on for hours.

Tim, I've used slate which I've cut down to size, and used garden ties to attach the Anubias. Same process for the Cladophora. The Cladophora is something I'm going to be using a lot of. Especially in an upcoming Iwagumi layout!

Alastair, you cant beat Purigen!!!...oh, and water changes.
This is what I've missed about your journals Mark, stunning images and plenty of them. Keep them coming :)
Inspired and envious of the plant growth. I'll take £500 worth a week of your 'magic' water ;)
This really is a beauty but I guess its to be expected. I hope you are enjoying it mate!

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Thank so much chaps for such kind words. It is good to be back posting.

I think Cladophora is such an underrated species. The 'instant' look it can give is great, and the deep green it produces is wonderful. It also has such a 'soft' look about it.

The fishing line is still visible, but slowly disappearing as the algae grows. Once these all 'merge' together, it should look quite natural. I'm still tempted to add some much smaller pieces just in front of what's already there.

Cladophora1 by saintly's pics, on Flickr
that moss is amazing mark and plants amazing shade of green, just exceptional mate

Mark- You are correct. It's Crypt Parva. First time I've tried it. Very slow growing, and loves the light.

Steve- Cladophora, is a slow growing form of algae. In it's natural environment of rivers and streams, it creates the 'ball' effect by rolling around on the river bed. They can grow as big as a football if left, and in actual fact, they're hollow inside.

Flattening it out, and weighting it down will create in 'instant' look. Certainly wont get out of control. I was looking for an alternative to moss, yet create the same look/colour. obviously texture is drastically different. Moss can sometimes have you running circles around it...