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Media for Red Sea reefer sump


New Member
4 Jun 2022
I'm going to be using my old marine tank for a planted setup and I've been looking at posts where a sump is used, however a lot of them seem to use a trickle filter. With the way the sump is made I don't think that's going to be an option for me so I was wondering what media people would use and where. I'm planning on doing a dirtied substrate as per this guide

This is a picture of the sump layout


  • reefer-170-sump.jpg
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You don't have to use a trickle filter - you can use any type you like; fixed media, sponge dividers, fluidised bed etc. The trickle filter just has the advantage of increasing the dissolved oxygen in the system.
So I'm thinking of running the sump with the filter socket for mechanical, then foam blocks in the bigger part. Just not sure how much to use. Didn't have these things with marine 😂
The nice thing about a heavily planted, sensibly stocked, tropical tank is that the filtration doesn't contribute as much as most people think. I'd just go for what looks right and how much makes you feel secure. You have the advantage of good prefiltration so some filter sponges and maybe some bio balls will work well. In the commercial sumps (heavy fish load with no plants) we ran five sponges of various ppi, which worked mechanically, before our bio balls or ceramic media.