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21 Feb 2008
Just a heads up that we have removed a member from the forum, this member has in the past caused lots of issues with other members and staff, including being abusive and bullying.

When this member was first removed he was told that he was no longer welcome in the forum but we are happy for him to read it as the forum is public and open to be read without the need to be registered, this is a ban on the person and not on individual nicknames, this is the third time we had to remove this user.

Just for reference the nicks are: 1st: Antipofish, 2nd: Jason Greenslade and 3rd: BIN578

This person was given loads of opportunities to redeem himself and time after time with various members caused issues/tension in the forum and always played the victim, also bear in mind this had been the only time we have lifetime-banned a member from the forum in the history of UKAPS.

This person might register again and we will just have to keep deleting their account when the account is identified has being this person, again this is a ban on the person and not on nicknames.
Not open for further replies.