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Messing about

Had our first light frosts, Sarrencenia will be fine but remains to be seen if Rotala will be ok.

Hi all,
I think he actually reckoned they were gonners.
I did, but to salve the (potential) loss of the Rotala...........
Hi all,
You can buy me a beer if they are still alive? and I'll buy you one if they've shuffled off their mortal coil?
Usually @Kezzab would be fairly safe, but I'll be in Cockermouth (for one evening only) in November, and possibly Ireby in August.

Cheers Darrel
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but I'll be in Cockermouth (for one evening only)
No people that isn't a euphemism, the place really exists :D It's just up the road from me, give me a shout if you're round my way and I'll get you that pint if @Kezzab doesn't. It's the least I could do for the amount of plant knowledge I've gleaned off you over the years. I've already had a near miss with George Farmer, he was in Penrith one day according to his Facebook at the same time I was knocking about I would have liked to have said hi.
This is amazing I was linked here cause I was thinking of doing the same thing in my green house to grow some plants for my tank