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Minnow Island

Andy D

27 Apr 2013
Having moved about 8 months ago now I've finally got round to setting up another tank. I pretty much only have one space for it and that is in the fireplace. The space itself has dictated many of my choices like tank, stand and filter.

I would like to have got an Aquascaper 600 to benefit from the depth this brings but it's too deep for the fireplace so option B is an ADA 60P. Not a bad second choice.

The stand needed to be low so I have just modified a TV unit. Filtration could only be internal as there is no room for an external.

For the scape itself (with the exception of substrate) I have simply recycled items I already have as it is just a stop-gap until I can piece together the bits I need for another idea I have. This has limited what I could do but I am quite pleased with the outcome.

The hardest part was coming up with a name. It is an island scape and I plan to stock with White Cloud Mountain Minnows so...

Tank - ADA 60P with ADA cover glass
Lighting - Superfish IQ43 LED. Just one for now and I will add another later on.
Filtration - Fluval Nano and Eheim skimmer.
Substrate - Unipac Maui sand and Tropica soil in planted area.
Hardscape - Seiryu rock and pear branches
Flora - Anubias, Bucephalandra and Bolbitis. Will also add something like needle leaf Java fern.
Fauna - WCMM, Cherry Shrimp (both to be added after 8 weeks when I am happy the tank is ready).

I don't think I have missed anything so here are some shots: