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Discussion in 'Aquarium Fert Dosing' started by Tom, 11 Apr 2008.

  1. Tom

    Tom Member

    I'll be setting up my 2 footer in a month or two maybe, and will be using ADA substrates (Amazonia and Power Sand Special). Until it runs out, I'll also be dosing Brighty K, Step1, and Brighty Spec Lights. Once thats gone however, I want to break into my skipload of Tropica. I'm assuming the Amazonia will provide enough N and P for a while to come, so probably will be using plain TPN rather than TPN+. How will this go down with Aquasoil? Would I have to reduce the dosing?

  2. JamesC

    JamesC Member

    3 Jul 2007
    Bexley, Kent
    Depends on your fish load. Low fish load or no fish I'd definitely go with TPN+. If you have fish then maybe just TPN. How much light are you planning on having as this makes a big difference? Adding N and P will put less demand on substrate and also mean that it will last longer.

    Reduce dosing from what?

  3. Tom

    Tom Member

    It's around 90 litres I think, 24x16x16". I've got a 3x24w T5 unit. Fish load will be minimal, maybe a few tetras. Looks like I'll be using TPN+ then :?

  4. George Farmer

    George Farmer Founder Staff Member

    30 Jun 2007
    TPN+ will be great with Aqua Soil. I'm using both in my nano with no fish.

    3ml TPN+ per day with 50% water change per week should be ok for your set up.
  5. Tom

    Tom Member

    Cheers George! :D

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