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Mobile Phones


Thread starter
29 Jan 2008
I nipped into Vodaphone shop today about an upgrade.

With the E51 (free), they would do a £25pm contract with 500 texts and 150 minutes, plus a £100 credit on my account. Unlimited mobile internet plus msn is an extra £8pm on top. So will work out to be about £33 per month.

On the iphone, 500 texts and 600 mins costs £35pm but the phone is £99. This includes unlimited internet and wifi.

So these aren't really that different apart from the £200 swing. I think the iphone would work better for me.

Anyone else getting the new iphone?


18 Jun 2008
A bit late if you ordered already, but my input is this, i had a nokia n95, good phone, i was a loyal nokia user, but im now converted, got myself a blackberry curve 8310 and its definately the best phone ive ever had. All the email facilty was setup over the phone, just use my gmail address, wicked all my ukaps and myspace and any other business mails drect to my phone, i dont know how i lived with out it. Also a very good forum for blackberry users called crackberry.com, Qwerty keyboard, gprs, satnav, and the functions are great, ive now had it for 4 months and i still finding out new things about it. If you guys aint never used one its time ill garauntee youll like it!! Also has blackberry instant messaging, and loads of free program downloads. Check the site Crackberry.com. Thanks for reading.


21 Feb 2008
Just got my new HTC Touch Diamond phone, WOW what an improvement from previous encarnations, now we have an iPod killer in our hands, for music its still not as user friendly but works pretty well and sound is excelent (just get new headphones). 4 Gig of internal memory is also very good and enough for most people. Install all my games and software on it and all works great, sync it with my work exchange server all my emails, calendar and contacts loaded in seconds :)
Comes with built in GPS too so TomTom installed and worked perfect on it, no more carrying a bluetooth GPS receiver. Any one considering getting a Windows Mobile device I would recommend this ;) much better than my old SPV M3100


Also much smaller than an iPhone and looks nicer too, web browsing is just as good as the iPhone which was the major advantage of the iPhones.