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Discussion in 'Journals' started by RBT89, 4 Aug 2009.

  1. RBT89

    RBT89 Newly Registered

    Hi people.

    Basically I am interested in setting up a moss tank but I have no idea how to go about it.

    My tank size (from memory) is about L 100cm x W 30cm x H 40cm. Holding 120 litres (31 US gallons).

    How many WPG should I go for? (any links to lighting products?)
    Best mosses to grow?
    What substrate to use?
    Would I need to use fertilizers for moss or would that just promote algae?

    At this moment in time I don't fancy putting all my efforts into a full high tech planted system but might "upgrade" to more challenging plants in the future, would it be worth me using a substrate such as Aqua Soil just in case I do end up wanting to plant more heavily?

    A perfect example of an aquascape I love: ... iginal.jpg

    I would love to incorporate features of Mr. Amano's tank in the link, into my lil 31gallon :thumbup: Is that Xmas moss in the photo?

    Please excuse my lack of knowledge etc, I am completely new to freshwater tropical and planted aquariums. I successfully kept saltwater marines for some time and fragged plenty of corals and sold them to my LFS. I have decided to go freshwater as I begin uni in September, not to mention the extra cash I am hoping to save :lol:

    One last thing. When I kept marines I learned about the dreaded Red Slime Algae that appeared on one corner of my substrate (turned out my sand was "too fine") are there any nasty substrate issues I should be aware of now so I can prevent them before I begin?

    Sorry for being such a "newbie" over a moss tank. I just wanna do this right and learn everything I can before I begin like I did my marines.

    Thanks, Rob. :wave:
  2. mattyc

    mattyc Member

    Thelwall, Warrington
    mosses dont take their ferts from the substrate therefore you are free to use anythink like sand or gravle (someone will orrect me if i am wrong).

    more light will need more co2 and ferts etc,

    i tryed to work with moss but it didnt go well so i stuck with plants!!

    a low tech tank is what you should be looking but this wil limit you to what you can grow, co2 systems can be baught for £12 for a fermenting style system (i have one spair just incase!!) and a pressureised system can be made for under £100.

    high flow filters are a must to circulate nutriants around the plants.

    i would go with about 1.5 wpg for a low light (using T5 tubes) and go higher for higher tech.

    if you use plants you will need a slightly beter substrate i use ADA aqua soil you should have a look at

    to help with ideas for your tank.

    Regards Matt
  3. RBT89

    RBT89 Newly Registered

    Thanks for the reply Matt.

    What problems did you face with growing moss?

    As for the lighting I already own a T5 Arcadia Luminaire, ( 4 x 39W tubes) but currently the tubes are "Marine White", Im guessing I would be ok to just change the tubes to a different light spectrum rather than buying a new unit?

    Thanks, Rob.
  4. mattyc

    mattyc Member

    Thelwall, Warrington

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