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Mosses from AquaticMagic


Staff member
21 Feb 2008
Hi Clive, just have a look at my journals, plenty of mosses in there (just posted some photos today on both journals).
Currently I have Weeping, Xmas, Spiky, Taiwan, Willow, Flame and Fissidens Fontanus (don't think I forgot any lol).
The fastest grower of the lot is for sure Weeping and would recommend as a moss wall.
Xmas moss looks great too but its a slow grower, Taiwan is the last one I got and its looking great, medium growth.
Willow seems to be very slow grower also, Spiky grows a medium rate but for me is one of the best looking mosses when its at its best. I can send you some samples if interested.


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11 Jul 2007
Chicago, USA
Oh mate, that was over a year ago. You must be studying to be a forensic archaeologist to have dug up this one. :lol: I did get some Xmas moss from AquaticMagic and grew boatloads of it but after a while I just found it tedious. I don't have the patience, and I don't know what came over me when I thinking about a moss wall for a 6 ft tank. I lack the imagination to put it to good use so in the end I wound up giving it all away. I think I had something like 40 different species in the tank so it was always in the way of something else I'd find more interesting. I'm gonna leave the moss to more artistic guys like Paulo and Tom. I'm into action movies, so growing mosses reminds me of being forced by the girlfriend to sit and watch 2 hours of Jayne Eyre or something like that. :arghh: