MTS...Just how bad do you have it ?


13 Aug 2020

I'm Lili and I'm addicted to aquariums, to be very specific I am addicted to nano tanks, the advantage being that you can stick one anywhere...but so far, all of mine are in the sitting room.

In any case, I love that I can list all my stuff and nobody will think I am crazy...or at least, not crazier than any of the rest of you, nor will I be accused of bragging (I hope)...I just love to talk tanks...

First, I run RO water on all tanks, with Salty shrimp remineralisers. I've a 120 liter barrel in a corner of the kitchen with a float valve and a water mixing station next to it. This all started because my local tap water often contains nitrates.

I have, in order of date of setup:
  1. 20 liter Dennerle Nano Cube, heavily planted low tech Painted Fire Red shrimp tank that probably contains 300 shrimp of varying grades at this stage
  2. 20 liter Dennerle Nano Cube, low tech blackwater, planted with Java Fern, anubias, bucephalandra, and Amazon frogbit. Betta habitat
  3. 90 liter, (90x30x30), custom copy of UNS 90L except with black silicone, heavily planted, low tech, HMF, ember tetras and pygmy cory cats and a plethora of shrimp. Looking for a centrepiece fish/pair.
  4. 20 liter Dennerle Nano Cube, low tech, this is the one where I dumped whatever plants I'd bought until I had time to plant them. At the beginning of lockdown I decided to sort it out, planted it with crypts and put a few Blue Dream neos in there, it's still developing.
  5. 30 liter Dennerle Nano cube, low tech blackwater, planted with anubias, Java Fern, and Bacopa Caroliniana...there's also some water wisteria in there but I'm going to take it out once I grow enough Bacopa stems to plant the entire back section of the tank. Also a Betta habitat.
  6. 54 liter (60x30x30cm) Bonsai tank, flooded about a month ago, ADA Amazonia, pressurised CO2 set on the way, trying to grow a Monte Carlo/Marsilea hirsuta carpet with Anubias 'Pangolino' on the bonsai, battling BBA already, no livestock yet but I am thinking Crystal Red or Crystal Black shrimp?
  7. 72 liter (60x30x40) which is literally full of water and a solitary poor Hygrophila 'Red-Green' in a pot that I stuck in there until I have time to put in things like a filter and some substrate. Somehow it's still alive despite zero flow and zero ferts. Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll have time to sort it. I have no idea where I am going with this tank! :D
  8. 30 liter Dennerle Nano cube, I have the plants, I'm waiting for some bits and bobs including a manifold for my CO2 regulator, am cycling its filter in a bucket. It's only last on the list because it's completely empty, but it'll be done before the one above.
And I'm planning to get a matching 54 liter to No. 6, because reasons...

Cheers to anyone who read all that!


4 Aug 2015
I once had 3 tanks (including office tank) for a while and they all suffered. So I reduced it to 1. It's all good now. I am a recovering addict.

Somehow it's still alive despite zero flow and zero ferts.
You should pee on it once a fortnight. That's take care of ferts. :couchpotato:


15 Nov 2015
I have running

1400 litre community tank.
700 litre Discus tank.
700 litre fancy Goldfish tank.
450 litre Endler species only.
240 litre marine.
190 litre neolamphrogus multiphasiatus, species only.
240 litre Species only, female Flowerhorn.
I'd love to see pictures of these tanks, especially the endler and tanganyika setups.


18 Dec 2014
I would like a second tank but the wife said she would leave me........Hmmm time to look for another tank
I dare you to let her read this ;)On topic: With my ex I experienced my worst case of MTS. At the worst moment (or best) we had:
- 1 tanganyika tank, 150x90/60x50 with Callochromis melanostigma, large group of cyprichromis (forgot which one, just remember them being red with blue), neolamprologus brichardii, and a group of neolamprologus brevis, No plants, just rock and sand.
- 1 community tank, 120x50x40 with 2 angels and I forgot all the other fish in there :) Dutch style tank
- 1 Malawi tank - dont remember which fish, those were given to us and my ex wanted them, I had already kept those as a teen and wasnt interested in them anymore. This was mostly her project :)
Then we had a set up of large plastic tanks with (leaking) overflows containing:
- Couple of cichlomasoma meeki
- Couple of nannacara anomala
- couple of Hemichromis bimaculatus in a seperate plastic container

So all in all, we had 6 tanks at the worst moment. And one room that was constantly damp/wet floor. We decided that our hobby had gone to far & we split up, so we sold it all and I didnt have tanks for 5 years, then started off with a nano, then got a 70x50x45 and added a slightly larger tank instead of the nano. I've managed to keep it down to 2 tanks max at a given time ever since, mostly because I dont enjoy maintenance much :) Not counting spring when we set up the nano tank to house frogspawn for the kids. But I have to admit, in my dreams I sometimes wander onto the attick in my house (which does not have an attick in reality, at least not one where you can stand) to discover huge racks full of tanks that clearly I forgot about, so maybe I'm still infected on some level.
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