My Lygodactylus williamsi paludarium

Discussion in 'Planted Tank Gallery' started by Maurits, 24 Jan 2010.

  1. Maurits

    Maurits Member

    A few years ago somebody introduced a new gecko to me Lygodactylus williamsi. A really stunning electric blue gecko but at that moment way to expensive for me.

    One of my friend which ows a frog shop in Holland phoned me up a few months ago to tell me that he was breeding this gecko and that 2 of them were mine.

    So because funny enough we have in almost every room in our house tanks or paludariums but not in the living room, it was an easy decision where to put this paludarium with the gecko's.

    Paludarium is build by my mate, it's a little bit to dry at the moment but that will improve the comming weeks/

    Some pictures

    50 x50 x 60 with Uv-b lamp / heating lamp and led lighting



    Male again enjoying the heat
  2. Garuf

    Garuf Member

    They're lovely! Is there a paladium equivilent of a nature aquarium? I find they a bit like reefs and dutch scapes where everything seems a bit, I dunno, unnatural?

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