My Name Is Prince And I Am Funky

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12 Sep 2019
Well I Just Got Into Town About An Hour Ago
Ok. So i lied.

No it isn't and no i'm not.

I am just a fat bloke with a bald head from Worcester (yeah the sauce), (about 20 miles south of Birmingham), (no, i don't live on a farm)

I am slowly chewing off lumps of my soul while i await a diagnosis for ASD. I laughed when someone suggested i had autism. When the third and forth person suggested it, i agreed to go along for an assessment.

I entered convinced i was not on the spectrum..

The next few hours blew my mind. It was like fast forwarding a video of my life and stopping at all the odd things i do/don't do/like/dislike.

Do you like to fiddle with objects or doodle?


Are you aware that throughout the assessment you fiddled with that pen and drew patterns upon yourself (with the top on)

Errrrrr nope.

They told me they were "almost certain" that i had ASD and that i should have a formal diagnosis.....

....but the waiting list is over a year.

Oh and i keep koi and sometimes i give them plants to destroy.

I trust that following Brexit, we will be able to buy elodea crispa and water hyacinth again.


16 Apr 2015
Welcome.. :) Indeed nice intro.. And good luck!..

btw i have a 13 year old nephew and he's rather severely autistic. While beeing diagnosed with autism has a enormous range of varying Autism conditions. We know very little about it.. Many people have it without knowing or ever beeing diagnosed as such. What i love the most about people with autism, they are all straight foreward and bloody honnest. Always saying what they mean and think. It's not their handicapt, the handicap is actualy in the people falling under the normal norm not able to understand and lak the skills to communicate propperly with autistic people and steer away from it. And all you need to be is equaly straigh foreward and honnest.

A quality most normal? people don't posses.. So you migh well be a Prince.. Don't let those aliens tell yu other wise.. :)

Once we(you) learn how to communicate and understand them they are the most wonderfull people on this planet. Always truthfull in every way.

A funny sittuation i experienced with him, he doesn't associate questionmarks in context. It was in a restaurant ordering snacks and chips. At the counter we can take sachets with sauce. Than i take a sachet and ask Mayonesse? He says yes.. Than i ask Curry? He says yes.. Mustard? And he says yes. I can go on with te intire collection available he will say yes every time. And have a pile of sachets on his plate.

Because it is what i say it is.. Thus yes.. Than i ask are you ging to eat it? He says No. :lol: Simply my fault not asking the question the way it should be asked understandably.
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