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My planted tanks

Vietnam has just raised to next restriction level for whole country in next 15 days starting tomorrow. This is not a lockdown but it is aiming to flatten the curve by adding more restrictions on public gathering, religious practices and public transportation. Businesses are still allowed to run as usual but it requires higher compliance to protect employees. I have been working remotely since last two weeks and spending free time for kids, family and hobby. Today I scape another “planted tank” and use moss which I collected around my house.





To scape this set, I use pumice stones as base layer, add on top a layer of mixture of soil and used substrate. After that I flood the tank in half, then cover the surface with moss. This will help the moss wet most of the time. I just need to check water level occasionally and fill water when it reaches to the bottom.

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Cool idea, do you get much of a small coming from the mud pot? I grow some emersed moss in one of my tanks, it gets a bit stinky and BGA growing as it becomes very stagnant
Cool idea, do you get much of a small coming from the mud pot? I grow some emersed moss in one of my tanks, it gets a bit stinky and BGA growing as it becomes very stagnant


Yes, it’s growing. However, it’s so slow. Some patches looks so much better than other.
Moss pot has been developing nicely. And my method seems work well.


Last week I ordered a custom build. It’s 60cm long, 30cm deep, 10cm front high and 15cm back high. The build arrived on Friday.

Applying same method of creating small one, I collect mosses around my house. Good thing is it is now spring, cool weather, lots of rain. Perfect condition for moss to grow, so I can easily find them along walking paths or pavements. Bad thing is this type of moss does not grow in big chunk. Biggest one I can get is around two-finger big. It is hard work and time consuming. It almost breaks my back.

But hard work really pays off.







Couple of months ago during city lockdown I had some algae outbreaks, green and brown diatoms, but then successfully managed to get the tank under control. The only plant couldn’t survive after one week blackout that time was hygrophila pinnatifida. The rest has been going back strong and thriving since September.

This is Limnophila sp vietnam I planted two weeks ago. It looks similar to limnophila aromaticoides but leaves are shorter, around 1.5mm. It also crawls like limnophila helferi. In an ideal environment, this plant can easily forms dense and thick bush.

It is me again. I was super busy last year and did not have time for the hobby. Things are settled now, so I could spend few hours in the week for it.

I dismantled the old tank, removed all plants and substrate. Then I added new base layer of rich dyi soil, covered it with pumice and ADA Amazonia. This type of soil set will provide a healthy environment for bacteria, also it is easier for the roots to penetrate deep down to uptake nutrients, and eventually more lush growths.

In the previous post I showed you the result of my work with LFS Aqua Minh Long*. The whole setup is yet complete. There are some final tunings for overflow and tank stand in coming weeks.

Let’s start looking back at the point where the project started.

I had been keeping angelfish, and later Uaru in 165x60x60cm for 4 years.

December 2022 I thought I need a new tank to “refresh the scene” that I got used to. However, I had nothing in my head how I want it to be.


Early in February I contacted Minh Long owner for two things:
1. Sending me new 60cm tank and soil
2. Ordering a bigger overflow filtered aquarium. Size, aquascaping material are tbd

Same first and second week of February I got my 60cm, quickly finished scaping, cycling and planting. I was happy with new aquarium but not satisfied with lighting. I replaced it with ADA Solar RGB, but arguably I forgot the shaders. I visited local ADA reseller Viet Aqua** to get the shaders. I had around 30 minutes to talk with the owner about my new idea, and he suggested an aquarium dedicated for Congo Tetra. Bingo!

Early May, my new aquarium was delivered to my house and we started scaping. Here is how it looked. I felt it is missing the spirit, and esthetics.


So we looked for new driftwood, and got two big chunks that matched. And it looked like this.


Next step flooded and cycled the aquarium.

* find my article about Minh Long here

** find my article about Viet aqua here

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