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Myriophyllum Tuberculatum slow growth ?


5 Feb 2021
Hello, this beautiful plant seems to be having a little trouble growing, I use aquabasis plus soil covered with Loire sand, it is in the part where the sand is the thickest so I thought its roots may not yet have reached the nutritious soil, it has been planted for two months now, but there was a problem with green water, solved a two weeks ago. I inject co2, I use a complete tnc fertiliser. The plant takes on a coppery colour, the new shoots are very red. I wonder why it takes so long to grow because it is normally a fast growing plant, my water parameters are as follows:

pH : 7.2 (without co2)
no2: 0
no3: 19 mg/l
°DH : 16
°KH : 12

Any ideas? thx

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