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nannostomus anduzei


19 Dec 2015
Anyone seen any of these for sale recently?

Ask your LFS to check their fish lists, they normally have access to a far wider variety than they normally bring into the store!
I emailed Keith a couple of days ago; no joy, and I asked Maidenhead, swallow and pier 😬

Seems every fish I want is rarer than hens teeth
Nice little fish. Did you have a specific project in mind?

180x70x60 swamp 😀 a bit like bucket of mud, a bit like my drilled holes tank.

Ideal stocking: (typing from memory and Latin isn’t my thing)

Discrossus filamensus
Green neons
Either nannostomus trifasciatus or anduzei - or Anostomus “
Any ammocryptocharax I can find
A larger Tetra? Diamond maybe?

Then considering something like:

Biotodoma Cupido or wavrini - Or aequidens but these bigger fish might be too big. A Cory might turn my head too. I would buy on sight Iguannodecetes gracilis.

It’s a big tank but I don’t want to over do it either.

I want to have a constant drip system and overflow to drain; so kind of a cool, longer term tank.

I have a few swamp trunks, that tower out of the tank dimensions to create a couple of “islands”

Anyway, that’s the idea 👍
I’ve sent an email @dw1305 thanjs 👍