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Nano tank with carpet substrate choice??


15 Dec 2020
Hemel Hempstead
I've got an ADA 45-f, currently using Denerle aqua soil and it's just rubbish. For the life of me I cannot get it to grow anything because it will not grip the roots long enough for things not to float away. It also flattened itself almost entirely from the slope I built. I know compacting substrate is bad but this is difficult to use in a shallow depth tank.

I'm only trying to grow Monte Carlo after failing with H. Cuba. Good lights, CO2 injection and dosing daily with ferts.

What is a small grain substrate that grips small plants well to grow a nice thick carpet?
17 Dec 2020
I am also having very good results with tropica powder soil. I thought my HELANTHIUM BOLIVIANUM was going to float away over night, but all was fine. Had to make sure that all the roots were right down the bottom. I dug a small hole, placed the plant and back filled. Caused a lot of black dust, most of it has gone. Just a bit on the leaves which I vacuum off during water changes.
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