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  1. Jon1706

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    Selby, NorthYorkshire
    Hi everyone. Frist of all I would like to thank everyone for all their help and answering my questions which as been a lot lol. This is my plan for when I move which will be in eight months. Some of the equipment and deco I have, and I will be adding to over the next few months. So here we go. My plan is to do a island landscape using my current tank 63 lt 60 x 30 x 42cm. Here is brake down of my equipment, substrate, decor and planting.

    Equipment Filters- Tetertec ex600 and Eheim ecco 200 (1200 LPH). I want to keep the media in the TT, but I would like the Eheim to be a bio filter. With only bio media and filter floss. Any ideas on a great media for this job be great. I will be keeping the spray bars and having the TT on the back wall and the Eheim on the left side wall hopefull this will give me good water turn over. The heater will be a Hydor inline heater 200w

    Co2- I will be using the diy welding system that sam posted the other day. Glass wear will be a Nano Diffuser and the AE Design Drop Checker

    Lighting- Two T5 24w tube luminaire. Using the Ardica pro plant tubes.

    Deco- So far I have collected three peaces of heather wood I would like another two small branches. So far I have it hanging in my shed. Hopefully it will be ready in eight months. The stones will be TGM Blue Stones in size small and nano was thinking of may one or two medium size one but Im not sure if the medium ones be to big for my setup. And to finsh of the deco I will be using TGM grade medium small and small gravel.

    Substrate- ADA Power sand special S 2liter, ADA aquatic soil Amaziona 3 liter. My plan is to put a inch covering over the power sand and building it up in the center to form the island. Around the island I would like to cover the soil and power sand s with my play sand I am using now. If this is no good for the job in hand do ADA do a sand like it. Also is there away to stop sand mixing with island substrate, and I would like a two inch gap around the sides and front where it is only the sand on view not the base substrates.

    Plants- The plants will be coming for TGM that I have chossen for my layout. I am going for four or five different kinds of plants. It is the middle ground plants im not sure on. I have incudled how many pots I belive I will need.

    Stems - Alternanthera Reineckil 'Pink' x3, Echinodorus 'Rosé x1

    Mid plant- Hygrophila difformis x2 - Ceratophyllum demersum 'Foxtail' x2

    Forgournd- Lilaeopsis mauritiana x 3

    Moss - Taxiphyllum barbieri (Vesicularia)

    Plant Care- PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid + PLANT NUTRITION+ capsules. I was wondering if the capsules where a little over kill since I've got the two different kind of substrate, Or would it help me in the long term.

    Any comments or ideas on where Im going wrong would be great. This is the basic layout of what I will be buying over the next few months and collecting to set up my tank once I have moved. I have two plans for the layout and I will post them very shortly. Thank you all again for putting up with my questions and and all the help you have given me.
  2. Jon1706

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    Selby, NorthYorkshire

    I've collected my heather wood. And now on the looking out for some manzanita wood. About 12 high gnarly peaces and some nano peaces.
    I was wondering if it was a little ott if I was to use ADA iron bottom and multi bottom. I would like to use them but wasn't sure about them.
    Also insted of the tpn+ i've been looking at the ADA products
    ADA Brighty K
    ADA Brighty Green Step one, then in three months move on to step two.
    Also because I will be keeping 75% of my tank water will I need to do water changes every other day, I've beening reading about people doing this with these products or is this cause they have a new set up?
    Talking of water changes can I still do my 30% weekly changes with injected co2 or do I need to do two a week?
    Sorry about the question again guys. Thank you guys.
  3. Dan Crawford

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    Daventry, Northants
    Hi Jon, All your plans look good IMO.

    For ferts, i've had success with both Tropica and ADA although i'm recently having great success with the full ADA ferts system. If your going with Powersand Special and Aquasoil then i'd go for the ferts range too, they are designed to work together and they do so very effectively. If you get Powersand Special then you don't need the other bottom products, i don't think anyway, thats what the "special" means as opposed to just normal Powersand.

    If your going with Heather Wood, i'd stick to just that, mixing wood rarely looks natural IMO

    I hope that helps.

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