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NeilW's 30cm Iwagumi - 'Mono'


Thread starter
25 Jun 2009
Basingstoke, Hampshire
andyh said:
let me know when you are ready to sell some CRS, i will have some from yer!

I'll let you know mate :thumbup:

The next move is to separate them into a holding tank and get some shots so people can have a look. I have had a lot of interest but stupidly forgot who's already said they wanted some so I think I'll start a new thread in the for sale section to make it easy and fair, but I'll try give you a shout when I do.

Also not sure about going rate at the moment as the prices fluctuated recently. AE are doing undisclosed grades for £7.99, Aquashrimp are the cheapest at £5.50 for a low A grade. I'd say mine are between A and B grade and of mixed ages and sexes so what price do you guys think would be fair? I was thinking of the £4-5 mark (plus postage) with a Live arrival guarantee so you get a refund if any don't make the journey? Sorry for the complete uselessness :oops:

Garuf said:
Such a great piece of rock work, really really jealous of it and of the shrimp.
Good luck with the posting! :thumbup:

Cheers mate, glad you like it. I'm trying to simplify and get a tank, rocks, plants and shrimp that are exactly what I've been after which equals;
-The mighty Mini-S
-The nice dragon stone I acquired a long time ago but I'm still not bored of
-Some top quality grade shrimp
-a scape entirely of mini moss and/or coral pellia
-ADA gravel

Hopefully I can raise some pennies toward it with my shrimp army then I don't have the other half to answer to :thumbup: