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Nerite snail leaving the water column?

Dominik K

14 Jun 2021
Hi All

Another day another problem 😅

My smallest nerite has climbed up above the water line. Ive noticed this behaviour before but i attributed it to it feeding off the hard water deposit left at water level and it always basicaly went out and straight back in. Now hes been there for an hour. Getting slightly concerned.

Ive been dosing pimafix in order to treat vercinella my cherry shrimp have. (Not over dosing, maybe even slightly under dosing) This is supposed to be snail safe. He clombed out after the last dose.

Water parameters all good, o2 on tank and bunch of plants and water changes on the regs. Plenty of bits of algea/diatoms bit not out of control.

Should i be manualy putting him back in the water or stop dosing?


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Sean Scapes

23 May 2021
Dudley West Midlands
My nerite snails constantly climb out of the water. Apparently its a natural behaviour. I think they can survive a good few hours out of water. Mine can be out at when i go to bed but by morning they always return back to water column.
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