Nesaea pedicellata flowers - Photos

Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by Steve Smith, 1 May 2009.

  1. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Member

    19 Jul 2007
    Leamington Spa, UK.
    I bought some pots of Nesaea pedicellata recently but I didn't end up using them in the end, so they've been in my Rio 180 holding tank for a few months. I noticed this morning that two stems had grown above the water line and had started to flower :)

    The rio is using two old 25/30w T8 tubes, heavily EI dosed and 20 - 25ml of Easy Carbo on week days. I've done one water change recently in the 2 months it's been running. I'm running an EX1200 and Fluval 204, along with a Fluval 3+ internal, all purely for circulation, though there is a full set of media in the EX1200.

    Anyhow - some pics I snapped this morning before leaving for work :)

    New flower buds:

    Pink flowers (quite tiny!):

    Both stems for a bit of scale:

    Finally, full shot of the messy plant mass :lol:
  2. Dan Crawford

    Dan Crawford Founder Staff Member

    21 Jun 2007
    Daventry, Northants
    Nice work mate! A true ninja of Nessia LOL
  3. aaronnorth

    aaronnorth Member

    19 Feb 2008
    worksop, nottinghamshire
    nice flowers, i wonder if they get any bigger.?

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