New 60cm × 40cm shallow tank.

Hi everyone.

So a few months ago we bought a terrarium kit for a musk turtle but after a few months we realised he needed a lot more space so we re homed him and stripped the tank.

So I decided to make a shallow freshwater setup, using a fluval u3 for filtration, a flex mini led light, jbl madano dark for substrate, used the pebbles already in the tank to bank up the corner, plants are dwarf hairgrass and crypt petchii and a piece of moss I found in the garden I put on the wood.

Currently only been planted this morning but has been running for a week with daily water changes and a small dose of ferts to help the substrate.

Plan is to dose 2ml of tnc complete and 2 ml of tnc carbon a day and light on for 7 hours.


Planning on housing a few variety of shrimp, mainly the cherry and the blue guys and maybe add a few guppy.
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I see a feesh! (am on mobile)
What's the depth of that? It looks a very nice tank.
I have the U2 in a tank not too dissimilar in size. I plan to put an external in place instead (have got some spare eheims but no pipes), but I like the silence that I get with the u2.
Hi, the depth of the actual water is about 20 cm, I've got an old external sitting around too but the tank is in my daughters room and there is nowhere to hide an external there :(

Hoping to start getting some shrimp in the next week to hoover up the diatoms.
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