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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by forest6, 11 Jan 2009.

  1. forest6

    forest6 Newly Registered

    nice website
    ive read ya articles on lighting to much info and now confused please help.
    i have a jewel 240lts tank with sandard lighting(2x38w)and jewel t5's 2x39.i would like a heavly plant tank and carpet of glosso or similar.would the t5's be ok on there own,or would all 4 better.if all 4 would the t5's be best at the front or rear of the tank.also what bulbs would you recommed as they need replacing.lamp specs shop is nice and cheap or cheaper would be good.
    many thanks hope to see ya advice.
    pressure co2 will be used.
    tank size 4ftx18x16.
  2. Superman

    Superman Member

    When I was using my standard juwel lights for my 180ltr, I managed to grow a carpet of HC although with co2 and EI dosing.
    I think you should be fine using the T5s only with reflectors (they make a big difference!).

    The problem with trying carpet plants is that you'll need good flow around the tank, injected co2 and a good dosing regime as soon as I make a mistake with flow it all went pear shaped.

    Carpets look good but can be a pain at the same time.
  3. Nick16

    Nick16 Member

    Surrey, UK
    sounds like you have exactly the same tank as me and exactly the same lighting. i will be going for a carpet of glosso as well. have the T5's over the front and the T8's behind. i will probably run the t5's for the whole 8-10 hours (whatever i choose) and then have the T8's for a midday blast of about 3 or 4 hours.
  4. Ed Seeley

    Ed Seeley Member

    I would fit both units as you can always have a shorter photoperiod with higher light. I have a Rio 180 and the T5s with good reflectors are fine fro growing glosso and HC, but your tank is a little bigger so you are probably best with both.

    There's two things I'd bear in mind. T5s seems better at cutting through the water to me so they would be better at the front as they will cast less shadows on the fish than lights at the back. You could then have the T8s coming on for a shorter period further back. Overall I'd start with an 8-hour photoperiod for the T5s and then have the T8s on for maybe 6 hours so you have a longer period at full power.

    The bulbs don't really matter - the spectrum is all about how it looks to you. Stick to daylight type bulbs that are nice and white and you can't go too far wrong IMHO. If you look at the [url]sticky on different bulb spectrums from Lampspecs[/url] James did it should help.

    As Clark says you must fit good reflectors. I wasn't that impressed with the angular shape of the Juwel ones I saw so ordered Gull wing ones made by D-D. Clark is also spot on with the need for good flow to get 30ppm CO2 and nutrients to the plants to get a good carpet. If you're using the Juwel filter alone then you need to add either another filter or a flow pump such as Hydor Koralia.
  5. forest6

    forest6 Newly Registered

    thanks a lot guys that a great help,
    i,ll be using a fluvel 404 external and plan on removing the jewel internal.hope that should be enuf turn over.
    thanks again

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