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Discussion in 'Filters, Filtration and Pumps' started by Cheeba, 18 Mar 2010.

  1. Cheeba

    Cheeba Newly Registered

    Hi all
    Should I get a second filter to help with flow in my tank?
    I have a 250ltr tank with a fluval 405 external filter on it & a 1000 lph powerhead circulating the water at the minute, that also sucks in my co2 form a glass diffuser below it

    Any help would be great! :D
  2. BAE

    BAE Member

    well you have a little over 9 x turnover i believe the recomended for planted tanks is 10x turnover so you could add another with say 250lph and get it to 10 but i think your fine with what you have personally
  3. Themuleous

    Themuleous Member

    Aston, Oxfordshire
    Yeh I would say what you have should be fine. Ive got a long and short 250 and the JBL 1500e Ive got running on it does a good job, not that its planted but all the plants sway with just 1500lph. You've got lots more so would think it would be fine.

    If you felt you wanted to an internal powerhead would be a nice addition and it wouldn't need cleaning out like a filter ;)

  4. Cheeba

    Cheeba Newly Registered

    Thanks for the replys lads!

    I now have another fluval 4o5 running on this tank so thats just over 10x but im still getting dust & debris on the plant leaves I did remove the juwel powerhead do you think I should put it back in :? theres 5 discus in the tank & they dont really like a lot of flow is a cleanup crew a better idea

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