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Discussion in 'Aquarium Gardens' started by Aquarium Gardens, 30 Oct 2015.

  1. Aquarium Gardens

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    13 Jan 2014
    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Hi all,

    We have introduced a new Hardscape Materials section on our website where you can browse and purchase all our new rocks and wood.

    We are now stocking:
    • Mini Landscape Rock
    • Dragon Stone
    • Lava Rock
    • Maple Leaf Rock
    • Fossilized Wood
    • Picture Stone
    And we have also increased our range of wood, available in small, medium and large sizes:
    • Manzanita Wood
    • Redmoor Wood
    • Sumatra Wood
    • Driftwood
    If you would like to see/choose your hardscape materials in person, feel free to pop down and see us, you can find us here :) currently open Mon-Fri, it's a work in progress, but welcome anyone who wants to visit. Very busy on Monday's packing up orders, so best to phone in advance on this day :)

    We also have a range of gravels/sand, yet to be uploaded to the site, but will be online very soon :)

    Any Q's just ask or give us a call.

  2. Greenfinger2

    Greenfinger2 Member

    21 Sep 2013
    Enfield London
    This is Great:) Been looking for Dragon Stone and somewhere I can pop in and see it before buying for ages.

    See you soon :)
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