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new led systems options for 250 litre tank


New Member
20 Sep 2009
I am setting up a 100cm x 50 x 50 planted tank and have been researching new led products(non DIY). They are expensive but I would like to know if anyone has trialled any of the systems listed below and if so whether they consider that they are suitable as a stand alone solution. These systems are non-submersible and most have canopy or suspension options and built-in timers. If forum contributors have any other suggestions that would be great.

1.LumenAqua LED Sunshine 36"(Made in China but only seems to be avaialble in the Far East and Australia-AU online stores do not respond to my emails) c. £500. 2. GroBeam 1000 tile by AquaRay 20cm x 20cm c. £250. 3. KR91s 36" c. €425 by eco-lamps(Japan). 4. Aquailluminations modular system (USA) c. £1000. 5. aquariumlighting.co.uk also appear to be testing a system


Expert/Global Moderator
11 Jul 2007
Chicago, USA
LED systems are fairly new and there is not a whole lot of experience with them at this time. There are no technical reasons against using any of the items you list however few can attest to issues such as reliability, sturdiness or vendor support.

As you noted, they are expensive, and other than a specific aesthetic appeal I can see no reason to get any of these until the prices become reasonable. I see this as another typical example of price gauging by vendors. LED technology has been around for years. What's the big deal?

| feel the spirit of an uncontrollable rant descending upon me...
Lets get real for a second. £1000?? I mean, it's not like this is a Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor or something like that. They're just bloody light bulbs for goodness sake. This ranks as an even bigger gouge than "Aquarium Salt" (which is at the very top of my rant list by the way.)

You'll certainly get more bang for buck with traditional lighting, that's for sure. And guess what? Your plants won't care one iota. :thumbdown:


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