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New Luminaire


7 Sep 2008
I have a Classica Aquacurve 50 litre tank which is 2ft x 1 ft x 1 ft. I'd like to replace the lid with it's 14 watt light with a Luminaire and I can't make my mind up between the Classica OTL-T8 which has 2 x 15 watt T8 lamps or the Aqua One Triple T5 which has 3 x 24 watt lamps (2 white & 1 blue)

There's only about £20 different in the price, but do I need the T5's or would the T8's be sufficient for me? I'm only a basic plant grower, using Easy Carb but would like to try one or two different plants in my tank.

Has anyone any experience with either Luminaire, I'm tempted to stick with the name Arcadia but some friends say the Aqua One is just as good and I should go for the brighter lights. I could do with some advice on this please :lol:

Steve Smith

19 Jul 2007
Leamington Spa, UK.
Something to be mindful of with the T5 luminaire is whether you can switch off any of the tubes independantly. 72w is quite a lot of light over a 50 litre if you're just starting out!

That being said, I'd always opt for T5 these days :) I have a 60cm/2ft luminaire which is 2x24w and it's pretty good. I can't control the tubes though, unfortunately so I keep the lighting to a shorter 6 hour period while my setup is maturing :)