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New member from Norwich

Adam Davies

New Member
22 Oct 2019
Hi, my name is Adam, and have just found the amazing world of aquascaping.

I have always wanted a tropical fish tank, but never enough to really look in to it. Then my daughter wanted one for her birthday, so I started to look about and found this most amazing shop called Scaped Nature in Norwich, and I was sold! Not because they had a loads of fish, they have very few but the tanks they had in store. The plants the eco systems in place, such peace and harmony. Alas after talking to the guys in the shop, watching a load of videos from Green Aqua and a few others, I went in head first with my daughter. She picked out the plants and hard scape she wanted for her 30l nanotank, and the rest as they say is history.

The tank is now 2 weeks old, and we have just started to add fish and shrimp in her low tech setup. Iw ant to use hers as a learning tank before investing a larger one for my self.


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