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24 May 2020
Hi guys
Just thought I’d introduce myself as just joined. Iv been keeping aquariums for many years but never really got into like I have the last few weeks. I currently have 2 tanks up and running and a 3rd in the pipeline. I have got a real interest into aquascape game after watching hours of videos on YouTube so did my first scape last week in an old 25l tank I had. Not the best tank for aquascape good in due to the shape but I love the outcome so far.
My other tank is a juwel Rio 125 which has been running for about 6 years and I have now turned it into abit more of a planted tank. It’s coming along but still not where I want it to be. I’d love to descale it at some point but it seems to be running well at the minute bar a few challenges with some plants so going to leave it running for now.
I’d love your feedback on the 2 tanks I’ve attached images of and can’t wait to get inspiration from you all for my new nano scape.

Many thanks Sean


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