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Mel B

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6 Jun 2020
Hi all. Excited about finding this community. Kept aquariums for very many years from childhood. Then for various reasons came out of the hobby. In my younger days I would always try to scape my aquariums for a more natural look but finding the materials and plants was difficult in those days, as well as trying to maintain the look successfully . I still love watching what is going on in an aquarium and now have the means to rejuvenate this interest. Now with the technology, availability and loads of on line information I can’t wait to get going again, but taking my time to research everything properly. At the moment looking at the Oase Highline 300 or the EA Freshwater 1200. I have the perfect space to fit either of these. Any feedback on these on these aquariums would be appreciated. There is quite a price difference between the two so wonder what people have experienced. Looking forward to learning from all you guys.