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New plans, finally got me opti. 80x40x40

. I'll either install LEDs and drivers or just Cree replacement light bulbs if I use these. Idea is to put 2 or 3 on a bar fixed to the stand suspending them so ill have to make wood ones to get the hight before I waste money on stainless tube.:). Any imput to help me get this light build done would be much appreciated. Cheers kirk.
Lovely tank.Why you dont use T5 lighting?I think combination colours 6500K+10000K will be more then great

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Hi. I am currently using t5 tubes I just fancy something a little more custom, (different). It's going to be all down to cost either way I can't see me spending less than 60 to get the tarty look I'm seeking.:
Well for now I've decided to go t5. Partly down to the fact I've got two spare new ones.:) I'd already made the oak box so its all about saving money and spending as little as possible on this set up. I rushed it a little and didn't like the solid arms at the sides of the tank holding on the oak box/hood. So got home from work today dismantled and tried an idea I had. So out with the hole cutter an here's the result.:)before rush job......
. After.......
. Just got to go out and get some nice stainless bolts as the one on the right is nasty its just another temporary messure. Time to get back into the plants and flow rate etc now. Cheers for looking.:cool:
Hi again all. As you know yesterday this good place went down.:( so I thought I'd put my spare time to use (I'd rather of been on here to be honest.:)). After making the cabinet for the tank my better half said that she would like a matching tv unit. Roll eyes. Anyway by tea time we had this........
My phone died before I could post them :rolleyes: bit of a mess exuse the wires kids arnt moving for a bit as spongebobs on, nor am I I love spongebob. ok here goes........before wax lastnite.
after wax......
. :)
Nice build or in the words of my idol keith lemon, Bang tidy :)

You know whats coming next though dont you.... coffee table :)
Cheers mate. I'll hide all the coffe.:) I made it big enough for a 50" plasma as our tv is well old and a 37". When I said I'm making it so I can put a bigger telly on it soon the reply from my loverly wife was.................good look with that.:(
Best watch out... Oak furniture land will be knocking on the door to get some product innovation....

Like the cabinet though. Looks class.

My mates in to building stuff, but more a car nut. Turbo lamp, diff side table, back of a car on the wall, and his piece du resistance.... Engine coffee table.

Will see if he has any nifty lighting ideas. More of a fish keeper than a scraper.
^^ that's cool, I do metal work too.:). I'm making a gate from steel and oak tommorrow weather permitting, can't weld in the rain.:) I pop over to taptalk and put some steel workings I've done.
farmers walks for gym.
coat hooks.
. I supose that's enough as I'm drifting from the journal.:D
Hi planty, yes they were planned for lighting but that mission aborted, I paid 25 sqid of eBay for them so they're going to be up for grabs if someones feeling creative.:) I was going to do the led Cree chip in each one and set them well inside to avoid light spread.:). They're not kettles they are lights but they have old weired bayonet three prong bulb fittings so all that is unsafe and I'd rewire them with LEDs.
Hi all. Been a busy afternoon tinkering with the tank.:) it's nice to find time to, finally got some sexy glassware,Mr clumsy is going to be extra carefully now as I'm heavy handed. Going to pop over to taptalk and put a pic up or two;) you know I like my pics.
Plants are the next big job, I've spent the last few weeks tweeking the co2 and lights concentrating on getting the plant growing. Will be time to plan everything soon as the woods where it first landed and the plants plunked in.
and lastly the old homemade acrylics they did the job . Probably pass them on.

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Still haven't got the plants where I would like them, but I am concentrating on providing the correct environment for the challenge of keeping crs.:) keeping some crs has been somthing I've been wanting to Do for over 18ths but felt i Needed to study and learn abit more on here to be able to care for them.so thanks to all of you especially Nathaniel for you helpful tips and replies. ro units are a great bit of kit just wish I'd purchased one sooner as our water leaves the tap between 187-225 and the tank reading was 479:eek:. The only problem is I keep forgetting I'm purifying water and have flooded the kitchen floor3 Times since sunday:D
last pic was taken tonight 14.11.13. Plants arnt too happy about the co2 reduction but I can slowly tweek it up again once the shrimp are in and my confidence in keeping crs improves. Thanks for looking I'll update when shrimp are in and settled.

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Looking good Kirk. Glad to see you've got it all in hand. When the CRS come (I'll let you know when Im posting them out) Youll want to have the Co2 off completely on that day (so maybe unplug the lights too), as they are accustomed to high oxygen content levels.

Tidy looking soon-to-be shrimp tank :D