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Discussion in 'Aqua Essentials' started by Aqua Essentials, 19 Mar 2009.

  1. Aqua Essentials

    Aqua Essentials Sponsor Staff Member

    24 Jan 2008
    As some of you may have noticed we've done some changes on our site

    One nice feature is when you add goods to your basket, it doesn't physically take you to your cart page which speeds things up

    I've had a couple of customers who haven't been able to add to cart for some reason (browser issue). If this does happen please let me know and we can then correct it.

    Any other bugs give us a shout

  2. Thomas McMillan

    Thomas McMillan Member

    9 Jun 2008
    I like the new changes.

    One thing that REALLY annoys me for some reason, is that with the new sidebar navigation you can't get to say the old main page for 'Plants', you have to select a subcategory (e.g. Tropical XL Plants) from the sidebar instead.

    I don't know why it annoys me, it just does. :bored:
  3. viktorlantos

    viktorlantos Aquascaper

    25 Oct 2008
    Budapest, Hungary
    some of the changes are great! the menu is quicker. the new home page Tabbed filtering is a good idea.

    however i am missing the manufacturer menu a lot. actually i am not sure at this point there was a manufacturer menu on the left navigation. maybe i am mixed up with one of the other website. but if i am correct would be nice to get that back.

    earlier i think i used that to see quickly all ADA or other products.

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