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    23 Jan 2010
    Hello all i have a 100 litre tank i would like to go for a high tec planted aquarium these will be me specs

    Tank : about 100 litres 30x15x15" ( juwel 96)
    Light unit : 2 x t5HO 36" over tank light ( i no they are longer then the tank but i dont think it matters really)
    Filter : external not sure yet maybe fluval 305 or a eheim not sure what one. suggestions ?
    Heater : im hopeing for a hydor inline one, but atm its a 150watt juwel
    Fert: i would like JBL aquabase as a base layer and as a top layer JBL mandro or all eco complete. suggestions ?
    Dry fert : im thinkin maybe a all in one dry fert again suggestions ?
    liquid fert : easy carbon ?
    CO2 : 2.5 or a 5kg bottle with bubble counter and a hagen ladder diffures or a pollen diffure
    Background: i saw a back ground in a aquatic shop he had a light at the bottem of the tank at the back with some sort of papper which looked really nice how can i do it and what paper was it ?

    as for plants i would like a big carpet of HC cuba lots of riccia and other plants, as i have a open top tank, what plants will grow out the water and maybe flower ? and also what can i use that looks nice but also stops my fish from jumping out just a pane of glass ?

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