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New start


26 Mar 2021
Hello. This is my return to the hobby after an absence of 10 or so years having kept fish, including marines, discus and koi, since childhood.
Aquarium is 120 x 60 x 50(height) cm. 340 litres from Aquariums4life.
Oase biomaster Thermo 850 with ehfisubstrate medium.
Light is fluval plant 3.0 59w
Substrate Caribbean eco complete and river sand.
Wood is locally sourced ?oak.
Fertiliser: scattered easylife root sticks approx 10 broken in half and buried near Amazon swords, Vallis and crypts. Soluble ferts from aquarium plant foods.

Water here is very soft and low in everything(it rains a lot in the Lake District and supply comes from Thirlmere).

Tank was filled 6 days ago with a 75% change today as tannins excessive. Purigen, which I didn’t rinse, added to filter yesterday which resulted in a lot of clouding to go with the tannins.

Plants from aquarium gardens. Excellent service, high quality, “jungle tank mix”. Also some plants kindly supplied by JohnQ.
Daytime lights at 30% for 10hrs with 3hrs of gradual increase from dawn and 2hrs of twilight.So total of 15hrs which may be excessive but I don’t like looking at a totally dark tank.

Soluble ferts added at 1/4 full strength on set up and after water change today.

Main annoyance has been noisy motor from filter. Oase are sending a new impeller to try.

I’m also awaiting a skimmer from APS and Jebau wavemaker for more flow if needed.

All comments gratefully accepted.


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