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New Tank-DIY Lights?Opinions Gratefully Accepted!


Thread starter
17 May 2008
Deganwy, North Wales
Hey Mick, wasn't sure about the acrylic but you've convinced me, I can cut n drill holes in it myself so defo much easier than waiting for glass to be cut etc, just a trip to B&Q. N yeah halogens - toasty warm :twisted:

Hi Matt, Yes I'll definitely keep a diary of this one, have a few photos of the others from new to fully grown & rescapes etc but it's a bit of a mishmash really, I'll be more methodical with this one for sure, especially as I'm planning this one a little better from reading this forum, my 3 Nature Aquarium books & having learnt from my previous tanks (I hope! :lol: )

Thanks guys

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