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Discussion in 'Journals' started by mr. luke, 7 Sep 2009.

  1. mr. luke

    mr. luke Member

    I dont have a fancy name yet, but its in the works :lol:
    Here it is

    Its an 'eheim scubacity'
    120l aprox.
    External filter and heater
    Arcadia ot luminaire (4x24w t5)
    Inhabitants at the minute: 5 'lipstick barbs'
    Will contain breeding colony of macrobrachium assamensis, 5 lipstick barbs (unless i can find more, then it will contain 20 or so) 1 baby puntius filamentosus until its a bit bigger, possiably a second shoaling species if i cant find more of the barbs, maybe some hatchets and maybe a pair of electric blue rams.
    substrate is a mix of a few small grained sands and gravels to give a nice natural look.
    Will be using daily macros/micro ferts, a carbon suplament and diy c02 (4 bottles, yes 4, to provide a nice stability and i will change 1 a week (very low output mixture so it lasts longer))..... although should be upgrading to pressurised c02 when i can afford it.
    Thats about all to report at the minute....
    The above picture isnt the end scape dont worry :p i threw in some plastic plants and a few real ones just to make the fish feel more secure.
  2. bugs

    bugs Member

    That's the first time I seen a bow fronted tank that other way round. What does it look like from the front?

    Looks like a good shape/size for the space. It does, however, look very dark in the tank. Is that the photo or are you losing a lot of light from the condensation cover?
  3. mr. luke

    mr. luke Member

    It looks like a normal tank form the front :)
    Its not dark at all in the tank, its just very sunny today, right next to a window and i used the flash to capture it in its setting rather than the tank itself, as it looks shamefull at the minute :lol:

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