New to co2. Advice needed


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9 Mar 2016
Hi guys.
I'm after advice on what co2 setup be best for my flexi mini.
New to co2. So any advice most appreciated

I've been looking at the nano setup like the fluval and tropica pressurised.

Can these small setup be fitted with a solenpid

Mihai Varban

24 Sep 2018
From my understanding, if you get a big bottle 2-5kg and a dual stage regulator (dual stage just means there are two stages where the pressure is reduced and regulated - this spreads the wear&tear over more parts and there is less chance of failure and less fluctuations in the gas flow) maybe saves money later. The impact of pressurised gas escaping quickly is very powerful, so I'd go for high end. is My ideal setup would be a shiny chrome CO2 extinguisher with a CO2Art Dual regulator (comes with solenoid and bubble counter). I personally don't like in-tank diffusers so I'd get the in-line one and slap it as close to the filter out flow as possible. But Bazooka and ADA do good diffusers. All of this might run you about £3-400. Of course, make sure your tubing is CO2 certified and you get some high end metal no return valves. Down the road, this would allow you to add more bubble counters and splitters and inject CO2 in multiple nearby tanks. A few small suckers are useful to tidy the lines unless you go for the in-line diffuser. Some people like looking at glassware, I just like keeping everything out of sight.
This being said, if you're sure you only want CO2 for a small tank, I'd watch a few videos on YouTube and check some second hand offers. There's good stuff on Facebook's Marketplace, Shpock, Gumtree, Ebay etc. CO2 makes plants grow fast so plenty of people get tired of trimming and switch back to a low tech setup and try to unload whole co2 setups for less than half price. A fellow was selling his ferts, automatic dosing pump and co2 gear for £250 in this forum's buy/sell/trade section (you only see that section after making 25 posts I believe). He must've paid that just for the dosing pump.
It also pays to see where you could refill your CO2 bottles in your area. Should pay around £20 for refills. Maidenhead Aquatics are a bit of a ripoff. They want way more.
Hell. I bought my fire extinguisher off some junkies having a clearance sale at a building with an ASBO.
Good luck!