No CO2 pressure on regulator


23 Feb 2019
South Yorkshire
Newbie here needing some help please.
Just bought a brand new CO2 art dual stage set up for my community tank. Got a 6kg bottle on hire etc. Attached everything and working fine for 2 to 3 minutes. Then as i was adjusting the flow at the bubble counter, the regulator gauge dropped and shows a reading of zero and no flow to the bubble counter. Reading at the main inlet gauge is still around 700 psi. Ive taken everything off and started again several times, but its the same. Solenoid is clicking / lighting up..... ive removed the bubble counter etc....but no flow to it. The regulator seems too easy to turn in my opinion. Its like theres nothing there. It turns as it should, but the action is very light, like theres no resistance. I did renove the sticker on the back of the regulator, and removed the big screw. The diaphram thing inside seems to move freely and the spring is fine. Any ideas? I contacted the manufacturer but no action until week days. Wanted to get this sorted sooner. Anyone assist? Thanks in advance

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