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No Co2


7 Sep 2008
In the past I've always used Co2 in my tanks except for my 20 litre where I've used Seachem Flourish Excel on a daily basis and any liquid plant food that I had available.

I've recently parted with most of my tanks and am now starting up a new 50 litre In which I'll only have a few species plants. I don't want to use Co2 as I've not got the room for the equipment and don't want to use the daily dose of Tetra CO2 Optimat, as last time I tried this I forgot to use it more times than I actually squirted it. Funnily enough I've never forgotten to use the Excel which I always use at feeding time.

So..... I was wondering if this would be sufficient for use in 50 litre tank and if so what would you recommend that I use with it. Alternatively which would be a good way to feed the plants without having to go to too much expense, I'd hate to loose the two plants that I've paid a fortune for.

Just as a matter of interest I'll be adding some Egeria densa to help start the planting off


New Member
25 Jan 2009
hi. give the experts at the green machine a call. i would imagine that easy carb would do the trick though.

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