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Norf' London CO2 Refill


6 Nov 2007
I just got my second CO2 FE from www.firesupermarket.co.uk. The first one went from 55 bar to 50 bar in about eight weeks. Then I fitted a needle valve and apparently I had a leak so it went from 50 bar to 0 bar in just over a week. :( and I had to get another FE. I also got some CO2 tubing from AE as the old soft tubing from my previous Nutrafin yeast setup couldn't cope with the pressure. I now have a non-leaking CO2 setup and hopefully BBA won't take over the tank as it did with my inconsistent yeast based one. I'm now left with a spare CO2 cylinder and have been trying to find a place that would refill it for less than £25. All the webpages I look at say that it would be cheaper to buy a new one (gotta love London), but people here (I know, they're northerners) claim they can get a refill for £15. Does anyone know of a place?

BTW: I do not have a car, so it has to be accessible through public transport (I can't drink beer on the tube but I can bring a pressurised cylinder that would take the head off a bloke if it broke? - Thank you Boris. We all love you...)


4 Jun 2008
LondonDragon said:
Try Wholesale Tropicals in Bethnal Green, they do refills but you have to wait a week for it, don't know about prices.

£8.50 for a 350g bottle, £26.00 for a 2Kg bottle...

still cheaper than the aquatic design center


New Member
23 Apr 2008
London beer gas . Edmonton
40£ bottle deposit 3.15kg
20£ exchange
free delivery in north London
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