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Oase Biomaster Thermo 600 - Priming problems


New Member
12 Sep 2015
I was so excited to buy this filter last year! I've always found priming a bit temperamental, to say the least but now I'm really regretting buying this filter: Priming is a nightmare.

When new it would not start with the existing pre-filters so I bought coarser ones. It grudgingly decided to work, eventually, after many naughty words.

I tried buying new prefilter sponges, identical to the existing ones but no, she (and it's definitely a she!) wasn't having any of it so I put the old ones back in. That limped us along for a few months but now she won't let me use any prefilters at all.

I replaced the impeller. I checked all the seals. Filter media is two trays of the coarse sponge, 3 of seachem matrix then the finer sponge on the top level. Pipes are clear and clean.

I dread turning the blooming thing back on - it's always that creaking of doom...what am I doing wrong?

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