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Oase biomaster thermo for a 60x40x40cm (90L)


30 Jun 2020
Hello all, I'm looking into setting up my 60x40x40 (90L) aquarium and I'm a bit torn between the Oase Biomaster Thermo 250, and the 350. I'd preferably like to go for the 350, but in a planted tank do you think the flow rate would be too high? I dont want the flow to end up toppling my plants or pushing my future fish around too much. I'll be going for some harlequin rasbora and perhaps some honey gouramis, although the gouramis arent a deal breaker for me. Just looking for some advice really! tl;dr biomaster 250 or 350 for 60cm aquarium?


New Member
6 Sep 2020
Stamford, UK
I've got an oase 600 in a 120-litre tank with a spray bar. The flow is okay. The plants are thriving.
I have an oase 250 in a 30-litre cube with a spin pipe - this has Chilli-Rasbora in which don't like a lot of flow. With the in and outflow close together the current at the front of the tank is very low. It's a low energy set up and the plants are doing well.
With the right pipes in the right places the flow can be controlled and you still get the turnover of water needed for the healthiest/clearest water.

I had a problem with the 250 when I had a standard lily pipe as the flow blasted the front of the tank. I like the spin pip sitting just on the surface as sucks in the surface film and does the job of a skimmer as well.

Tom Michael

16 Nov 2014
If personally go for the 600, much easier to reduce the flow if needed than replace the filter (esp if your injecting co2)...to quote Zeus flow is king and I would agree after a couple of years experimenting!