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OK, time for some photos and advice please


15 Mar 2011
First of all, I do know I've planted these in a really rubbish fashion, it was more an experiment to see how well my plants would do, before I consider trying to aquascape properly.

They have been in for 4 weeks now. On the whole, most seem to be doing OK in that they are growing, however there are some problems.

The plant the red arrow is pointing to here, seems to be growing fine


Here's another pic (quality isn't that good on this one, the leaf looks perfect, pic makes it look a bit blotchy)


My question about that plant is that it's already grown to the top of the tank and is now bending over in the water. Most of the plant is the long stem. Should I be doing anything to it or should I simply let it curl over at the top?

A lot of my plants seem to be thriving at the top but not so much at the bottom (although they do not appear to be dying). For example


I have a few plants right in the middle of the tank at the bottom where something is not right (but it seems that these are getting the best flow rate as they are being pushed back by the flow)


And here's a few random pics if anyone as any comments and advice please?



CO2 from fire extinguisher,

Soil/compost substrate covered in netting and pool filter sand on top

EI ferts, made up as recommended by aquarium plant food when I bought them a few years ago:

Macro solution comprising of:
3 tsp Potassium Nitrate
1 tsp Potassium Phosphate
6 tsp Magnesium Sulphate
mixed with 500ml Water

Micro Solution:
1 tsp Chelated Trace Elements
500ml Water

I have 180 lt bow fronted tank (Juwel Vision)
I dose 40ml Macro, Mon, Wed and Fri
I dose 40ml Micro Tues, Thur and Sat

Eheim 2217 filter (no CO2)
Eheim 2317 into up atomiser for CO2, into filter booster containing plastic bio balls

Two T8 bulbs

CO2 on from 1pm until 7pm
Lights on 3pm until 9pm

CO2 dropping PH from 7.6 to 6.4 - 6.6
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15 Mar 2011
Thanks. I got a list of the plants included when bought them.

Aponogeton Crispus is in that list and looks like it could be it.

Googling images of all the plants on the list, it also looks a bit like, Echinodorus paniculatus


4 Sep 2017
I like it, it looks like a herb garden. With stem plants, I have to quite frequently pinch off the tops and replant them. The bit at the bottom I either leave to see what it does or chuck it. I think these plants like to bolt for the top where there is more CO2 and light.

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