Old canister filter DIY CO2 reactor


9 May 2020
I like experimenting a lot, and was always wondering why some brand is not making "active CO2 reactors". By "active" I mean to have some kind off power head inside which will meld all co2 inside and will be independent unit, self powered. Was trying all types off CO2 diffusion and never satisfied.

I had an old canister with broken motor so I decided to try and make CO2 reactor from it. I was testing it for three weeks and I'm satisfied with it. Now I wanna share experience with u.

Input on this filter is on top, and output is taking water from the bottom of canister. So flow is from top to bottom.
Somehow I managed to put power head inside off canister and glue it directly on input in a way that it take water from there and pump it into canister,water because off the pressure is coming out on the output.
Power head output is positioned in a way that makes water circling inside of canister.
There is inline atomizer on the input hose . CO2 is going trough atomizer into filter where power head is melding it even more and makes it circulate around. Under pump are two media baskets. First one has regular sponge and another has fine filter pad.
Something like on a picture below
FIlter Reactor.png

CO2 is 100% dissolved even if I put it on 10bps, no co2 escapes to aquarium and no air pockets inside(that I know cause i have small hole for releasing air).