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Discussion in 'New Members Introductions' started by Martin Osmond, 26 Jul 2016.

  1. Martin Osmond

    Martin Osmond Member

    FB_IMG_1469480618331.jpg Hi again everyone. I joined this forum a few years ago and set up a juwel rio 125, didnt quite go to plan as life in general got in the way. I spent a small fortune as i planned to go high tech, got all the equipment but only as far as putting the soil in and the hardscape but never added any plants or even water!! Sold everything at a massive loss and was tankless for a while.

    I have since set up a 4ft Aqua vogue 245 litre Mbuna tank which has given me plenty of joy but i started having a look through this forum again and realised my initial obsession with planted tanks may well be creeping back. I'm very close to getting rid of my mbuna and giving a planted tank a proper go again.

    Not sure if i want to go high tech or not yet but will keep everyone updated and be asking lots of questions as it appears everything i learnt a few years ago appears to have escaped my memory.

    Nice to see this forum still going strong, especiall since Facebook seems to have destroyed most forums, and most the knowledgeable people still on here.
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    PARAGUAY Member

    Welcome back Martin,superb setup of chiclids biotope
  3. Nelson

    Nelson Member

    Welcome back to the planted side.
  4. Manisha

    Manisha Member

    Bangor Northern Ireland
    Hi & welcome back!

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