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One of my College Tanks


8 Sep 2007
Kawanabe, Kagoshima, Japan 鹿児島県南九州市川辺町
This is the small one, not the 5x2x2. This one is about 14" long, by roughly 10" tall and 8/9" deep.

Went to a World of Slaughter (sorry I meant Water) today and got some rocks similar to mini landscape rocks, and the nice man gave me a bit of a discount :D

Well here's what Ive come up with, using some nackered and neglected Hemianthus callitrichoides, Mini Riccia and Mangled Java Moss :lol: Hopefully it'll all recover.

The substrate is the Tropica I got from PFK, as is the ferts (Plant Nutrition+ - the one that includes NPK)

Well here it is basically, but lacking background plants as yet, but there's a plan:


My naff attempt an an aquasketch:

I'm going to keep it a triangle layout, but as you can see it will be fairly rough :rolleyes:

Well there you have it. Any suggestions for plants? I want Cyperus helferi for the back left, and I'll update it as it goes...

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