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Ooooh My First Dedicated Shrimp Nano.

I think Its doing the amano version of whistling innocently with its hands behind its back while plotting its escape. Little does it know that beyond the tank is unforgiving carpet or laminate....
I am still stunned that plant growth is all good and algae is non existent in my low tech nano shrimp tank. For all the trials and tribulations of managing my larger hi tech fish tank, plant and algae management appears to be a breeze (false sense of security I know). I moved over a Crypt from the fish tank to the nano to see how that would grow.

Yesterday I ordered (from one of the forum sponsors) some:-
  1. Alder cones
  2. Spinach sticks (gutted they were out of nettle sticks)
  3. Salty Shrimp Bee Shrimp GH+
After that comes through I will take a wander down to the LFS and get some RO water. I will see how I get on and if by Christmas I can justify it I will switch to getting an RO machine.

Counting down the days once the RO is in and checking the tank is all ok, to then ordering some CRS SS Mid grade. Probably just 6 to see how I get on with. Is my current thinking.

Good to see the Amano shrimp have molted in the nano tank.

Ok. I could not resist.
Today I nipped out to the LFS and got a 25ltr can of RO water with a small dose of their minerals.
Have done a water change subsequently after removing the 3 Amano shrimp into a bag (drip acclimatised them).
The tank now has majority RO water in and Amano shrimp added back in. They all seem to be thoroughly at home.

Took a conductivity reading and got 125ppm. Woo hoo. So am within the parameters. I think I will wait a little longer before ordering the CRS shrimp. But am dammed excited to add some colourful characters to the tank.
Just wondering if I need to get the ceramic tubes for breeding or not?
Just wondering if I need to get the ceramic tubes for breeding or not?

I bought the easy aqua six black shrimp tubes for my planted tank. My shrimp completely ignore them preferring dense foliage when they want to hide (I think I saw a shrimp go into a tube, once). Save your money!
It's just like humans, the males part in it is over quickly and the female does all the hard work! My 2.5 yr old loves spotting babies. People come into the house and say oooh look at the fish tank and She sEts them straight, NOT fish. SHRIMP!
Yay My order came through from the shrimp supplier. Plopped some alder cones in. and put in a spinach pellet for a treat.
Go away for a meeting. Come back and the water is brown. Hmmm I am guessing it is just the tannins from the Alder cones and nothing to worry about and not harmful to the 3 Amano shrimp.
Makes for interesting viewing and will have to explain to the wife and kids what has happened.

Tomorrow I will try and source in person some shrimp as I am up in London for a meeting or two in Canary Wharf.
My shrimps favourite treat is nettle leaves. You want to pick the young leaves at the top of the plant, I usually pinch out the first 4 new leaves. Boil for a couple of mins then I tie them to a ceramic filter noodle with nylon thread, to weight them down, and then lower into the tank. It means when it is just stalk left I can just pull it up on its thread and don't have to fish about for it. I'm experimenting with drying some nettles for winter after drying some by accident and they turned out great.
Hi Lindy.
Great idea. Mentioned it to the girls and their eyes lit up with excitement as to the danger of sourcing stinging nettles.
I assume gloves are a must. Cut and drop into a plastic bag and bring home to boil.

Your drying technique is this after the boiling or before?
I guess you cant store the boiled nettles as the moistness over time is going to degrade the leaves?

Oooooooh Oooooooh oooooooo

I just took delivery, drip acclimatised and added 10 CRS SS Grade shrimp to my nano tank.

Blown away. These little critters are awesome!!! I am sooooo excited.

I am sitting in the kitchen where I tend to work, when at home and no kids and I can see the shrimp all exploring the tank!!! They look really cool against the ADA Amazonia.

Cannot wait for lights on time.

I will post some pictures once they have coloured up a little.

Meanwhile I think it might be mission "Stinging Nettle" this afternoon for the girls when they get back from school.


My journey to getting some blue bolts has taken 1 step forward.
Thanks Murray.
Let the challenge begin.
Must keep them alive and get them to reproduce.
It appears I got spread of SS grades. Some No entry ones, some hinomari ones and some others that look like half moon. Mix of male and female too. So I am hoping that when they get older we might get some more.

Did not have time to pick nettles so will doing that tomorrow perhaps.

Curious I assume the 3 Amano that are in the tank are harmless both physically and mentally to the CRS's?
As they like giants compared to the CRS.

Lindy you are not wrong. I keep trying to find out as much as I can about them whilst I am supposed to be working.

I've read on here about amanos grabbing berried females(crs) and picking the eggs off like they were eating popcorn. I wouldn't put anything past amanos so if you can put them in your other tank, that's what I'd do.
Really? Wow. Ok
Well I shall take them out in the next few weeks as they get older.

I got them in there to be part of the clean up crew (Amano and snails). However they are completely oversized compared to the CRS.